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Anne has worked in Real Estate, Insurance and Hospitality Industry for many years which has assisted in cultivating her skills and enhanced her knowledge in the field.  Her formal education and 6 years history of hands-on experience makes her an excellent and hardworking employee. 

Client Manager

She is guided by the idea that an insurance broker is a business partner whose goal is to protect, nurture, and ensure longevity of the client’s business by orchestrating smart insurance and safety management.
Alvina’s insurance career spans over 15 years in claims, underwriting, and broking for a wide range of industries at a multinational level, and she specialises in liability and property covers. She was one of the founding board members of the Lloyd’s Development Group in Australia, was part of the NIBA mentorship board for several years and has been various industry publications to her name.
Alvina is an avid artist who specialises in portraits when she’s not negotiating with insurers and advising clients,

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